INNOVA will support the scientific community by interfacing with clinical and industrial entities in the Life Sciences field, through targeted actions that will drive translational research and innovation ecosystem for major human diseases (neurological, cardiovascular, inflammatory, metabolic, oncological), proposing widespread, accessible, and sustainable innovative diagnostic approaches throughout Italy.

The program will catalyze interactions with key stakeholders in the sector, including CROs, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and software companies, which will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the program.

Our main objective is to make available a large number of phenotypic biomarkers, ‘omics,’ and imaging markers involved at multiple levels in the pathogenetic and pathophysiological aspects of the diseases targeted by the INNOVA program, developing an integrated and advanced diagnostic platform that will provide new tools for prevention, early diagnosis, drug development, and therapeutic monitoring according to the principles of personalized and precision medicine.

This process will unfold through an initial phase of biomarker validation and diagnostic pathways within the scope of non-communicable diseases, with particular attention to those with difficult diagnosis, poor therapeutic response, and unfavorable prognosis.

The multidisciplinary platform INNOVA will combine digital technologies and wet methods for the collection of high-quality data, providing researchers and the healthcare system with advanced diagnostic tools. The digitization and sharing of data will also enable the use of artificial intelligence for the standardization of specific pathways and consequently for the definition of guidelines and advanced diagnostic pathways in various pathologies. This platform, together with specific training and education services, will allow for the systematic expansion and organization of the scientific and technological capabilities of the affiliated Spokes, harmonizing the level of healthcare nationwide.

INNOVA will also have a significant impact on future diagnostic strategies and will improve personalized clinical decisions in specific pathologies across various disciplinary sectors.